What a Beautiful Weekend!

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Yes, he is real. No, he is not for adoption. For those of you around about two and a half years ago, you will know that this is Baby Brooks. He was born to a puppy mill mom where 110 dogs were seized three days prior. She arrived on Sun. and he was born on Mon. and was only 2.5 oz. Mom, Callie, was about eight years old, had a cataract and some hearing loss. The last thing she was into was her pup. I raised him, she was around, but not helpful, tube feeding him every two hours round the clock for six weeks. He is now a big boy at four pounds and has never been without me. Needless to say, he is one in several thousand. Not a million yet, folks.

I guess while I am blogging and this funny story came to mind, I should share it. Many of you know that my friend Becky has been the force behind the Alabama arm of Fluffy Dog for nine years. She was up here this past fall and right before she was ready to go back to Alabama we lost Brooks. Now Brooks does not go outside like most dogs. He goes out, does what he has to and comes in. The world is a big and dangerous place for him. He has plenty of room to run in the house. If we go outside, we are always together. So as Becky was getting ready to leave Brooks was missing. It was dark. We were yelling for him and all running around with flashlights. The pond. Oh my, the landscape pond. Nope. Did something get him? How did he get out? We looked everywhere. No Brooks. Becky had to leave and we were just beside ourselves. There was nothing more to do. I sat on the couch and thought about what could have happened. He makes these talking noises and I thought I heard him. So I called. Nothing. About twenty minutes later, I heard it again. Am I hearing things? I opened the recliner. Is he in the couch? Remember, four pounds. We are looking for something about the size of a guinea pig. I heard it again. It just didn’t last long enough to track it and there was no response to calling him. I opened up the kitchen cabinets again. Yes, kitchen cabinets. Then I opened the pull out garbage cabinet and he just strolled out. Yes, he was behind the recycle bin in the roll out garbage cabinet. I bet not many people can say they lost their dog in their cabinet, but it happened here.

So…..we had a Meet & Greet at Camp Bow Wow last Saturday and five dogs have found their forever homes from that. We had three dogs come from Alabama yesterday, one tomorrow, at least two on Wed. and one next Sunday. They are: Petey, Daisy, McGrath, Dyson, Spike, Lucy and Snowball. I have added photos of the ones that came yesterday. Check out our site to see the others! http://www.fluffydog.net   Thanks for being a Fluffy Dog Fan.


Not sure how we got all these pups, but I guess if they are in need we will save them. Typically we see pups in need in the spring, but this year it has just not stopped. The biggest thing with litters is that they come in large numbers, like seven or eight. What one doesn’t realize is these are really eight dogs that need the same vetting, fostering, and all the promotion and paperwork that goes along with the older dogs. This has caused us for the first time to have over 100 dogs on our site. With that, we now have to say no to new ones. There just are not enough fosters for all of them. Just look at the pups we have now, three doxie pups, four of Omni’s pups, Dolphin and Snorkel, Petunia, four from the Squash litter, Maisey’s four.

Let’s stop here and take a breath. Maisey is an interesting one. She was pulled from a shelter as a single dog. When she went to the vet to get her health certificate they found out she was pregnant and due in a couple weeks. She had her pups on Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11. They are not three weeks and we wanted them to have a save trip here, so Pilots N Paws volunteer pilots flew her and the pups from Alabama to Burlington, WI where they were picked up by their foster mom. It really takes a village.

Moving on this weekend we had transported two litters. A litter of four and a litter of five. The four were from two dogs that were rehomed by a groomer and when they were taken to be spayed and neutered they found out the female was pregnant. She delivered four pups which the adopter raised until they were five weeks old. I am not sure where the other litter was from, but they are our MinPin litter. Unfortunately, when they arrived they were mixed, so we just had nine pups of unknown origin. Things are been very difficult with them. They are nine weeks old, but one passed away at the emergency vet the night it came. I have to say I don’t even know if it was a boy or girl, as it happened so fast. On Mon. another one passed. It has been very sad and we are doing everything we can here to try to keep the others healthy. They are only four pounds each. Just little loves.

Then there are Dixie and Trixie. One might think they are Golden Retriever pups, but they are going to only be 20 lbs. each. Maybe Spaniels. Just hard to say, but very pretty. Because of our sick pups here, we need to require that the pups have two shots before coming. Because there are so many in need, they may be transferred to another rescue.

Mondavi has two pups. I am not sure why she found herself in need, but she has a skin condition, so has to wait a few weeks to come up. Her pups are only seven weeks old. Just adorable little bundles.

And…….our last litter is Sierra’s. Her pups were only two days old when we were told she was in need. Although we want to help her, we are going to need a foster home to care for this very special family when they come. She has six adorable pups and we are waiting for someone to come forward. I have put up some of the pups photos, but to see all of them please go to our site http://www.fluffydog.net.

Lastly, caring for these pups has been very expensive. Any donations we can receive are greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

The Puppies

So this is a peak into puppy life at Fluffy Dog. It was rainy this week, but warm, so they were out playing like wild Indians with Bailey. She is ten years old now, but is still the foster mom to the pups. If she isn’t playing with them, she is watching over them like you would expect a Great Pyrenees to do. Yes, those sunny days of watching the pups romp and grow up in the fields are some I will remember forever. Rescue has its ups and downs, but this is definitely one of the ups. In these photos you will see Dolphin, Snorkel, Holiday, Hyatt, Summer and Grits, and of course Bailey, “The Original Fluffy Dog”